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Brent combines a documentary and editorial style capturing classic, natural moments without making the day feel like a photo shoot.

He will travel anywhere, but mostly gets about Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and Geelong.

You can contact Brent on 0427 483 836 and look at more work at his web sites.

Monday, January 3, 2011

to photoshop or not to photoshop

Right above my monitor is a large note that reads ‘cut the effects, use better composition and better light’.

I love classic. It doesn't matter whether it’s fashion, cars, interior design, beer or wedding photography. A classic look, that is not cliché, will always be cool over time. Think about Danish furniture, European cars, pale ale, and 1960s photojournalism.

The digital photography decade that was 2000 to 2010 began with people asking whether digital could be ‘as good’ as film - which we mostly got over - then became ‘look how we can transform a photograph into art’ (for wedding shooters anyway). Personally, I think nothing will date more than overt retouching. The soft or sharp edged look of late 2000s post processing will eventually look just as corny as cross processing in the 1980s and vaseline lens effects of the 1970s.

Perhaps photography is transforming into graphic art and moving away from photography altogether. Anyway, I like to use photoshop and digital post processing is one of the ways that many professional photographers differentiate themselves from the weekenders. But overall, in my work I'm always looking for moments, as I think they speak louder than effects.

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