Friday, April 20, 2018

Emma and Andy's wedding - Cleveland Grange, Lancefield.

Once the emotion has subsided and the 'bridal weirdness' of the day has passed, it's the party that can take this one-great-day-of-many to another planet. A private planet of drinking, smoking, dancing, talk and laughter; in country fresh air and dark night starlight, there's sequins and glitter, couches and a pool table, everyone is looking good and feeling a little glamorous, maybe amorous, a little loose; it's noisy, laid back and groovy, and just a little dreamy, love and friendship dreamy. I think, I hope, that Emma and Andy's wedding night continued in this manner till the sun came up. A sunrise over the windswept vineyards of Cleveland Grange in Lancefield - a great place for a wedding, it's private, it's beautiful and everyone can stay the night. Cheers.

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