Saturday, September 16, 2017

Elisa and Kevin's wedding - St Thomas Aquinas, South Yarra and The George, St Kilda.

Elisa and Kevin did a brave thing, braver than getting married, they were married in the Melbourne winter! Yes it rained, yes it was cold, yes is was amazing and yes everyone had a great time. So what’s to learn here? Well, don’t let the weather get in the way of a good time, that’s number one. As for photography don’t work against the weather, work with it, rain is romantic, umbrellas look cool in photographs, bars are perfect places to hang out with your bridal party, plus it’s much, much more fun drinking champagne with your mates, as opposed to spending two hours on a windy cliff top with the wedding photographer. So we met in Toorak and walked to a wine bar and photographed that madness and joy, then headed to the ceremony at St Thomas Aquinas in South Yarra and a reception at The George in St Kilda.

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