Friday, April 29, 2016

Feature Wedding - Michelle and Chris - Lindenderry, Red Hill.

In brief, these are the words I use to describe my wedding photography - celebratory (because weddings are), natural (because you want to look like your best self), editorial (that means great details, some storytelling and without filters), photo-journalistic (because it's an event and not a photo shoot).  There's more, generally about no time wasting, taking the day as it comes, and getting some formal family shots, but overall I ninja around, mingle, chat, keep it flowing and find great moments of the people you love and care about.

Michelle and Chris had a fabulously celebratory wedding, in a stunning garden setting, with a great band (yes get the brass section, it makes a difference), and just to keep me on my toes, a late night swim.

Take a look here - Feature Wedding, Michelle and Chris, Lindenderry, Red Hill.

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