Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The photos I take when I'm not taking photos.

'Girt by Sea' is my personal documentary photography blog. The photos I take when I'm not taking photos. Have a look - Girt by Sea.

Monday, March 21, 2016

'Mise en place' - Docklands, Peninsula Shed 14.

The reception is due to start in 30 minutes. Photographer Krystal Seigerman (who is assisting me) and myself are in this shed at Docklands, Melbourne. It's dark, black, with spotlights on each table. It's a challenge to photograph under time pressure. We press on, you have no choice, the bride and groom and guests are descending. What I mostly see are shapes and colour. Tree like shapes, lantern like shapes and the red of the staff, busy fussing around tables. I love red and this sparks my imagination. I get a tripod and watch the staff. I take one frame. It's not set up or directed, it's a documentary photograph with a 20 second exposure. I love it.

You can see a bigger image on facebook - www.facebook.com/brentlukeyphotography