Thursday, May 7, 2015

Oh, he's crooning Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jnr songs at the Coconut Grove.

Speech photos are not all about people holding microphones with open mouths - are they singing or doing stand up or what? Sometimes I look at a photo I've taken, see a guy in black tie with microphone and I think to myself - oh, he's crooning Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jnr. songs at the Coconut Grove, because that's what it looks like. Although I'm a little strange.

Anyway, it's in the audience where I see the emotion (although that's not always the case) so I'm looking for great reactions from key people - mates and close family. It's a fun part of the shoot and I've usually had dinner by this time which helps. The most difficult part is being discreet, working in mixed (tungsten, halogen, led, dance-floor) light and getting focus on f1.4 or f2.0. Not too mention getting around the video crew. Here's a few recent speech photos I love from Josie and Tim's wedding at the Brighton International.

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