Friday, January 2, 2015

Girt by Sea - a documentary photographer's view of Australia.

Returned from Broome, shot a few weddings, a couple of portraits, stills on a feature film, had a baby (girl number 3!) and purchased some smashing new red sneakers and an ice cream machine. That's just November and December. 2014 was a full on year for me (us) is so many ways.

Not busy enough, I have also launched a new web site to show my documentary photography called 'Girt by Sea'. A personal view of Australia - people, landscape and culture - a growing collection of more than 10 years work, seen only occasionally in a book, magazine, newspaper or exhibition. I invite you to take a look and continue to visit as the site grows each week.

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Great love for 2015.
Brent Lukey

Girt by Sea


  1. Great to see, Brent! New website is a generous sharing of what you see through your lens...

  2. Thanks Bec, very nice of you to take interest.