Thursday, November 20, 2014

'The First Dance' - At The Heads, Barwon Heads.

'Little Big Town' - Jaime Murcia

'Little Big Town - A Photographic Journey through Melbourne’s Little Streets and Laneways' is a cracking new book released by my photographer mate Jaime Murcia. It's a photojournalist view of Melbourne laneway culture packed full of first rate street photography. For those who love our city it's an essential book for the coffee table or even better as a gift for expats living overseas. Look out for it now at all book shops and buy a copy or two.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's 19000 kilometres to Broome and back.

After an epic field trip with the family we are now back at work in the overwhelmingly fashion conscious city of Melbourne. Haircut, shave, trilby instead of cowboy hat and leather shoes for boots. The week began with an incredibly beautiful wedding in Barwon Heads on Saturday and around such events I'm photographing stills on a feature film, preparing photos for a book, some magazine features plus a few portrait jobs. I'm already a little tired.