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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Carissa and Danny - Port Melbourne Yacht Club, Melbourne.

There are tricky logistics with modern weddings because the couple want the day to 'flow', which is code for the day to move seamlessly from ceremony into reception without delay - fun loving guests and the odd wheelchair moving and grooving along from vows to cocktails to dinner with 'movie like' perfection. This is of course an awesome plan and I love 'the flow' because it's super for photojournalism shots but weddings and photography can get complicated.

Complicated because some guests (read mum) expect a lot of family photos - yes the boring formal ones - and they take time to look good, but there's not time, so they get compromised. Secondly the couple want amazing moments, really amazing moments in mind-blowing light that look 'natural'. This is expected because the wedding photos the couple have seen are the very-best-of-the-best-wedding-photos on the internet and in magazines and surely these shots will happen like magic. Well yes and no. At times such photos do materialise effortlessly, and other times they need to be 'crafted' - that may mean time away from the party - which may impact on the flow. Uh oh! 'Really, but I have people to speak to and everyone tells me the day goes so fast and we don't really like posing'. So tricky I know.

So what to do?
1.Get married like the old days and have hours in between for almost endless photos at odd locations. Once done the evening is yours to enjoy photographer free.

2. Get marred like the old days and have 12 professional photos taken for the entire day - that's one roll of film and the shots go something like this - in car with dad, processional, the kiss, signing, recessional, church steps with couple and confetti, with bridal party, with parents, with siblings, with grandparents, the whole group, the couple in the car and I'm spent. On to the 'Baron of Beef' for Brandy Alexanders, cheese straws and a cold Fosters where uncle can take photos with his Pentax.

3. Get married like in China and have all your photos taken weeks before the day in a studio with different backdrops - in the forest, horse riding, by the beach, playing guitars - or all these things at once!

4. The 'first look'. A photo session of an hour or so prior to the ceremony where the bridal party get together so time is freed up later - in my experience it works well - but it's not for everyone.

5. Accept the day as in unfolds and make the most of the celebration - it will go fast regardless.

Carissa and Danny's photography started at The Olsen Hotel in South Yarra, then we headed to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens (close to their home) for first look photos before hitting the ceremony and reception at the Port Melbourne Yacht Club - close to where Danny grew up. This was followed by a few family photos and a festive cocktail party looking over the water.

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