Friday, July 11, 2014

Alex and Gerrard - Fitzroy Town Hall, Reading Room and Matteo's Fitzroy.

'Red polka dot or black umbrella I ask?' we go with black. It's raining and we are standing in Rathdowne Street about half an hour before the ceremony, everyone is poised to get a shot. It's cold but beautifully romantic and the couple do a great, great job of staying calm. Two walk byes, back in the car, the Fitzroy Town Hall Reading Room here we come. It's gorgeous, ornate and lively, the colour temperature is all over the place (but that's wedding photography), there's flamenco music and the ceremony is heartfelt and celebratory. Mazel Tov! We are outside, everyone is great to photograph, it's full of life and love - nice shots with feeling. It's busy but I'm having a great time. The photography is mostly done and we are off to Matteo's. I love Matteo's. Dark, sexy and elegant, there's a swinging jazz quartet and champagne, it's beautiful and low key.

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