Saturday, May 24, 2014

... photo-shopped within an inch of their vintage-filtered life.

As a wedding photographer I'm often trying to find a balance between the traditional and the quirky, or arty, or photo-journalistic, or candid, or cool, or whatever people want to call it. In any case, I think the photos you like will change over time and change again therefore it's prudent (really, prudent? is that what I mean, yes I think so) to shoot in a style that reflects the couple now and also gives a nod to a potential change in taste long after the wedding day. These gorgeous shots below are more in the 'traditional' mode, posed and not photo-shopped within an inch of their vintage-filtered life. They don't work for everybody and every wedding because all wedding shoots are dynamic and different, nothing is set, it's about light, personality, time, weather, inspiration and much more, but for me it's never about doing the same things week after week to a template, or to a particular fashion as such. See the beauty, see the light, see the subject, give direction (or not) and make great shots.

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