This is the wedding photography blog for Melbourne based photographer Brent Lukey.

Brent combines a documentary and editorial style capturing classic, natural moments without making the day feel like a photo shoot.

He will travel anywhere, but mostly gets about Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and Geelong.

You can contact Brent on 0427 483 836 and look at more work at his web sites.

Monday, May 5, 2014

3.35pm Saturday - Carlton North.

It's wet - really raining - and we have very little time. I've walked into our first location (Plan B) a home, a small apartment, one I've never seen before. Keep cool, keep chatting, visualise the space, take notice of small and big things, see it in reverse - from the camera's point of view, it's small but beautiful, there's a shot here, look at the ceiling, look at the room, take in the light - it's pretty, I can work with this, there's some depth and shape, I can work with this, I see the shot in my mind, keep chatting, clear the space, move the coffee table, hide the heater, open doors, close doors, move the bags, get the people behind walls, bring the bride into position, consider the light, the lines, avoid the television on the edge of frame, adjust the dress, look at the reflections - make sure I'm not in them, check the exposure, give direction - 'flowers down, flowers up, look to the light, look ahead' - click, click, click - 'we've got a great shot, thanks'. We move on. It's stopped raining, I noticed a nice spot out front on the way in so we go outside and the process begins again. Less than one minute has passed since the last shot, and I go again ... keep cool, keep chatting, visualise the space, take notice of big and small things ...

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