Friday, March 14, 2014

Suzie and Andrew's wedding - Xavier College, Kew and Luminare, South Melbourne.

Wedding photography for me is about three general things - people connecting (families, couples, friends), people celebrating (you can work this one out yourself) and a bunch of details (both objects and people). I try to convey these elements through a combination of styles - photojournalism, formal portraiture, and editorial. It's a dynamic shoot that happens in real time and natural light. Throughout the day I may need to interact (position and direct), set dress (move things to make them look better), or let the action roll and find the beauty as it happens - my favourite.

The shoot documents an event that is not everyday, a unique event with an enormous amount of planning and emotion. To help contain this I work closely with the couple, recce locations and make a plan for the day so I don't waste time; then go with the flow, making adjustments to 'the flow' as the event unfolds. There are obstacles that either mess with, or help the flow, they take the form of celebrants, venue operators, drivers, weather conditions, traffic, wardrobe malfunctions, food/water and alcohol, illness, children, well intentioned aunties, cars, videographers, shoes, the general public and so on. Through all of this one finds a path, constantly looking for, and photographing the beauty.

A small tip - if you can find 20 minutes (or longer) to yourselves as a bridal party without photos or guests, do it! Go to a bar or cafe, and talk, laugh and chill before you hit the reception. Make the time and tell the photographer to put the camera down - he/she will complain and say something like 'but there will be great moments!' But be strong and remember not all moments need to be photographed to be remembered - in fact, some are better for not.

Wow, I did go on a bit. Now take a look at Suzie and Andrew's awesome wedding.

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