Friday, February 28, 2014

Samantha and Nick's wedding - Stillwater at Crittenden Estate, Mornington Peninsula.

I'm not a clinical - same, same, but different photographer - all weddings are different without a doubt. They are different because people are different. With this in mind I start the shoot with a general plan for the day that is about timing, locations and people, then everything else either appears or I make happen, depending on what catches my eye and imagination. There is no template or album design images to tick off, just a keen eye for light, life, relationships, interesting moments, details, key wedding moments, and of course, a mantlepiece shot for mum and grandma. Overall it's about keeping it real and about the people, with a classic look that is not too romantic, staged or quirky. On top of that I want to have a good time too and at Sam and Nick's delightful, very personal, beautiful, low key but celebratory wedding at Stillwater at Crittenden Estate I had a ball and I hope it shows in the shots. Cheers.