Thursday, December 12, 2013

Abbey and Daniel - The Prince Deck, St Kilda.

To anticipate, to notice connections between people, to see the light, to direct, to interact, to know when to let it roll, to hold back, to have fun, to capture fun, to shoot landscapes, portraits, food and lifestyle details, photojournalism, formal family photos, to accept I can't control everything, to curse those compact fluorescent globes and their mixed colours, to be creative, to have compassion, to shoot for beauty, but keep it real, avoid perfection, perfection is boring and stiff (it's a wedding remember - a real life event), to find what makes this couple, this family, this group of friends and this day unique - then photograph that! Avoid gimmicks, sing Jimi Hendrix and Daft Punk songs in my head (not out loud) and remember to drink water or perhaps champagne. That's just some of what I do and how I do it, no doubt I'll rant on about it again. 

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