Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sarah and Robb - St Thomas Aquinas, South Yarra and Friends of Mine, Richmond.

Let's face it, weddings can blow out. I often speak to couples who visualise a small wedding with close family and friends, then a year later it's massive, there's a stylist, and suddenly a very strict schedule for everything. Not so for Sarah and Robb, who stayed true to their vision and kept their wedding day wonderfully intimate. In addition, the event was embellished with a careful selection of locations and details. Understated and elegant touches like the Valentine shoes, the delightfully light dress, great suits, the Olsen hotel and St Thomas Aquinas church in South Yarra (a great find folks), then finally to Friends of Mine, a friendly, groovy, local cafe, with superb food and wine for the reception. It was low key yet glamorous, and all about relationships.

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