Thursday, September 12, 2013

Michelle and Antony - St Kilda Botanical Gardens and Encore, St Kilda.

I'm not a wedding photographer because I like weddings, far from it, I'm a wedding photographer because I like relationships. Not just the couple, but the parents, the siblings, the friends. To me these relationships are much more important and classic to document than fake kisses in a rotunda or Melbourne lane way ... and that's where my wedding photography starts.

Michelle and Antony's fabulous wedding began at home - where better - moved to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens for the ceremony, had a little detour to Brighton to sort out a few things, then back to St Kilda and the beachfront glory of Encore, where it was all about the sharing - food, drinks, stories and a good times. Thanks once again to my second shooter Ms Michelle who did an awesome job, as always.

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