Monday, July 29, 2013

Elena and Shaun's wedding - Picnic Point, RBG and Matteo's, Fitzroy North.

There's been much change in the wedding world over the past 10 years. At the forefront of this is a move away from generic, dare I say 'daggy', reception centres - the ones with covered chairs, rotundas and tall centre pieces - towards an understated and beautiful celebration in a venue not connected with a the bridal market. The elements that make up a wedding day are all there, but the style, time frame and photography are different. Cafes, restaurants, barns and farms are favoured, with really, really good food and wine, and something of a mix and match theme that is enhanced by great suits and gowns. Elena and Shaun's wedding is a lovely example of this style, the couple dressed together while drinking champagne, drove to the Royal Botanical Gardens together for the ceremony, had some very quick photos at the same location and then proceeded to the reception at Matteo's in Fitzroy. Simple, gorgeous, real and warm.