Tuesday, March 12, 2013

weekend wedding portrait - mother of the groom

Still recovering from an emotional weekend of weddings (oh hot too, of course ... sheesh), one in Pascoe Vale, the other in Queenscliff. Emotional because weddings are, but also because both locations are closely linked to my childhood. The Pascoe Vale wedding was in a backyard and was extremely similar in character and characters to my grandmother's yard - beer, laughter, smoking, waving at planes, small dogs, did I mention smoking and an odd-bod-brass-and-banjo-jazz-band that reminded me of Emir Kusturica films. A delight! Then Queenscliff, the town I visited time and time again with my mother and younger siblings as a boy crossing the bay on the Hygeia ferry from home on the peninsula. Wow! Here's a backyard wedding portrait I love. Cheers!

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