Thursday, October 25, 2012

my wedding favourites 2012 - part 5

If I see another wedding photo of the couple kissing in a rotunda (or garden) I'll scream. Kissing photos are over rated, show some life. Anyway, now I've got that off my chest, here's another 5 favourite wedding shots from the last 12 months.

Such a gorgeous bouquet, that really suited the country style of the wedding.
I like the editorial look of the shot.
(shot at Harvest House, Healesville.)

My favourite people shots have energy like this - fun and in the moment. I like the
bride's look, her laugh and the way she is holding herself. I think the slight cross-processed
colour suits the shot as well.
(shot at The Prince, St Kilda.)

This little fella followed me around the reception
for ages with his camera. I like that he has a photo of me
taking a photo of him, and I have a photo of him taking a photo
of me, and the guest in the background has a
photo of the entire moment. What the!
(shot at the Middle Brighton Baths, Brighton.)

I see weddings as being about relationships between people and not just the bride and
groom's relationship. It's the moment I love here, and the bride in the background.
(shot at the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.)

When I walked into this house I knew I wanted to
incorporate the Campari poster. I liked the colour
contrast with the white. It's more set up than I prefer, but
you do whatever you can to get the shot.
(shot at Harvest House, Healesville.)

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