Tuesday, August 21, 2012

my wedding favorites 2012 - part 2

Another 5 favourite wedding photos from the last 12 months - I'll probably make 5 installments all up.

This wedding was a highlight of my year in general, but in this shot love the framing, and the
texture in the dresses and earrings, but mostly it's the bridesmaid's eyes.
(shot at a private house, Mt Martha).

Portraits of people having a good time is a big part of
my wedding photography - love the fun and character.
(shot at The Harbour Room, Melbourne).

Okay if you've been reading my blog you will know
that I think ring shots are weird and are probably more
about the photographer trying to sell extra album pages,
but I liked this one because it suited the wedding,
the location, and the couple. It was also fun for me
cheating the vine into shot.
(shot at Fowles Wines, Avenel).

A hot summer wedding in Melbourne, and just prior to
speeches I found the MC and a mate taking a break in
the fresh air. I love the moment, the tie, the boots,
and the cigarette.
(shot at the Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond). 

I love the romantic walk - be it in the street, on the beach,
at night, or in a public garden. This shot is a favourite because of
the tree - I love the tree. Not to mention that it met the brief given
to me by the couple. I also like the colour and the fact that right
at the edge of the frame is a mess of roadworks.
(shot at the Exhibition Building, Melbourne).

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