Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize

The finalists have been chosen for what is one of Australia's big art photography prizes, with $25,000 going to one lucky winner. If you are interested to see the 42 shortlisted, chosen from 2500 entries, go to the Monash Gallery of Art web site and follow the links. Or even better, get along to the gallery and see the prints. The exhibition runs from October 5 to November 18 2012.

I love following art prizes such as this (although I didn't enter this year) as they showcase a great range of photographers and work, but they also stimulate endless discussion along the lines of 'What is Art?' Or, 'Is Photography Art?' Well um ... give me 2500 words and I'll give the 'I don't think so' cause a run. Oh, it's also fun to look around the gallery with my father as he throws his arms in the air and says 'what the @#$%! ... I could have shot that!, how much money did you say!' Go along and be stimulated.

Screen shot captured from shortlisted photos on Flickr, nice work Chris.

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