Monday, January 2, 2012

'The Wilding' - film stills - Dir. Grant Scicluna, Prod - Jannine Barnes

Back in the 1990s I learned photography at film school with aspirations of being a filmmaker. Eventually (but not without some international short film success) I decided that outright work in the film world was not for me. However, I continue to shoot film stills. One highlight this year was working with Grant Scicluna and Jannine Barnes on the Screen Australia funded short film 'The Wilding'. A tough, and at times, violent love story set within a juvenile detention centre and stars - Reef Ireland, Luke Mullins, Frank Sweet and Shannon Glowacki. For more information go to the Happening Films website.

Frank Sweet, dark and menacing, in The Wilding.
Brooding and intense, Reef Ireland in The Wilding.
Grant Scicluna (director) giving last notes before a brutal scene.

Shannon Glowacki as Tye in The Wilding.
Don't mess with the bad dudes.

A little Hitchcock moment with Grant Scicluna (director).
Just kick him in the guts, like this.
Frank Sweet as Gav in The Wilding.
Close your fist and crack him like this, stunt co-ordinator Reg Roordink (foreground). The Wilding.
Don't hold back now boys.
I'll be back, Reef Ireland (foreground). The Wilding.
I'm sensing anger, Luke Mullins (background). The Wilding.

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