Thursday, November 25, 2010

weddings last weekend - Gardens House, St Michael's and Comme

Two great weddings on the weekend. A sophisticated cocktail party on Saturday at Gardens House in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, and then on Sunday a cool Italian wedding in the city at St Michael's in Collins Street and Comme. Photos to come next week. But here's a few of my instant favorites.

I love finding candid moments of parents and grandparents at weddings.
Here the bride and groom's parents watch on during the ceremony.

At this point we are midway through family photos - a slow time on any shoot.
I'm talking to the person helping me with the family, then turn around, see this,
grab the camera and shoot. It's the bride's father and grandfather waiting for
direction. Look at the way the bride and groom are just into each other while
waiting. I love this stuff - different stories in one shot, truly documentary.
Weddings are often like this, keep your eyes open and camera ready.

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