Monday, July 26, 2010

the photographer on holiday

Shot my last wedding for a while last week and it's time for a short winter break. Holidays can be a strange time for me. On the one hand it’s great to leave my office and get out with the family. On the other hand, because I work for myself and my work is creative, I never really stop working. As Roland Barthes once put it: ‘Writers are on holiday, but their Muse is awake, and gives birth non-stop.’ This is definitely the case for photographers, they never stop working – everyday there is something to photograph.

So I struggle between spending time with my family and being inspired to make more photographs. However, I take some comfort knowing that Newton discovered gravity while sitting under a tree, and not while working in his office.

A few holiday snaps while in India 9 years ago (before I was a photographer).

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