Sunday, June 10, 2018

New Studio - Magnet Gallery, Bourke Street - Melbourne.

I have news! Two weeks ago we (the family) moved from our country house and vege patch in Gembrook to an apartment in East St Kilda. Madness, but super, super exciting. It's all scooters, public transport, dumplings and well, um, boxes right now.

I have also moved my studio from the Burrinja Arts Centre in Upwey to Magnet Gallery CBD in Bourke Street. This is the view today from my desk, a print from the yet-to-be-installed exhibition of street photography by the late John Williams and Ingeborg Tyssen – opening next Thursday June 14.

Please call in and say hello, I’m there most days.
Cheers, Brent

Friday, April 20, 2018

Emma and Andy's wedding - Cleveland Grange, Lancefield.

Once the emotion has subsided and the 'bridal weirdness' of the day has passed, it's the party that can take this one-great-day-of-many to another planet. A private planet of drinking, smoking, dancing, talk and laughter; in country fresh air and dark night starlight, there's sequins and glitter, couches and a pool table, everyone is looking good and feeling a little glamorous, maybe amorous, a little loose; it's noisy, laid back and groovy, and just a little dreamy, love and friendship dreamy. I think, I hope, that Emma and Andy's wedding night continued in this manner till the sun came up. A sunrise over the windswept vineyards of Cleveland Grange in Lancefield - a great place for a wedding, it's private, it's beautiful and everyone can stay the night. Cheers.